Blogus, Blogis, Blogitus

Blogus, Blogis, Blogitus

Yes! I am live on the Interwebs!

Firstly, to start a blog, you need to know how to blog. I have no idea how to blog, I shall write things to the best of my grammar abilities and hope one day my kids aren't ashamed of my pre-2050-futurism-blogging.

Who am I?

That is a complex question to answer, in a philosophical sense. However, in the context of an online introduction - I'm Vasily, born in Russia in 1987, emigrated to Australia when I was 18, lived in Ethiopia, traveled countless times through Europe. Most importantly a nerd at heart and wannabe entrepreneur.

What will I write about?

Simple. I think that people should only write about -

a) their experiences i.e. facts of their live

Those are interesting to friends and family, and eventually might be interesting to other wonderers of the online world if the Feeling Lucky button matches their keyword with a topic on my blog.

b) topics they are experts in

Those are harder to write about, because there is always someone in the world who knows the subject matter better than you do and you are rarely an authority. Let's make it clear that I don't suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect. So the word 'expert' might not refer to my writing, but I promise not to write anything without a minimum research!

Anything else is not quite interesting to the wide audience or even irrelevant.
Therefore I will try to keep it within the frames of a) and b).

Why am I blogging?

I feel that after 30 years of life, I have to contribute something to this world, something personal, aside from work and family.

Secondly, on of my best mates - Helio Rocha, just started a travel journal. A few days later a light bulb went off and here we are.

Hope you enjoy the reading and à bientôt!