Cisco Unity - Failed to record name issue

Cisco Unity - Failed to record name issue


When you try to upload a WAV voice prompt file in Cisco Unity Connection call handlers using Media Master Applet, you get an error saying “Failed to record name”.

Pre-requisites (i.e. never hurts to have these in place)

  • Update Java to the latest version
  • Add your Unity address to the safe sites in Control Panel > Java > Security
  • Add your Unity address to the Internet Explorer safe sites
  • Add your Unity address to the Internet Explorer compatibility sites

Solution 1

  • Login to Cisco Unity Connection and go to the affected call handler
  • Select the greeting (Standard / Closed) you want to apply the WAV to
  • Click on Play/Record Options > Open File > choose the WAV file and click on open
  • Click Playback > Select "Use Phone" from the menu and click Play
  • Enter your IP Phone number or any random number (it doesn't matter if Unity fails to play the greeting, it will process the file anyway)
  • Click on Save and check for a message at the top saying "Greeting Updated"
  • Click on Play/Record again and verify if the greeting has been successfully imported

Solution 2

If the steps in Solution 1 still result in the same error, you can try getting rid of the iframe and uploading the WAV file directly to the call handler subpage.

  • Navigate to the Greeting page of the affected call handler
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and click Properties to view the URL address of the iframe
  • Copy the URL of the iframe and paste into the address bar
    You will see the Greeting subpage will load without the menu on the right
  • Try performing the steps in Solution 1 again

Solution 3

Try downgrading to JRE version 7. You might need to find a third party website hosting obselte versions of JRE. 7u17 has worked in my case.

Hope this helps!