Computer glasses

Computer glasses

The first topic that popped into my head is computer glasses. More specifically - what are they and why do we need them?

Computer glasses are glasses with blue light reducing/filtering (either prescription or non-prescription) lenses.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on the topic nor a doctor, nor a researcher; so what I'd like to write about is somewhere between my experience and the facts. For a more scientific article check Business Insider.

I work in IT and I wear See Concept computer glasses every day. They have become and indispensable part of... looking at the screen!

To save you time researching and Googling, I can summarise that so far there is no scientific proof that computer screens damage our vision (ref. Business Insider article above). However, when I wear computer glasses, my eyes don't get tired as quickly and I don't start squinting after a long day at work. I feel that they reduce the intensity of screen light and leave the eyes more rested.

Brands: See Concept (Izipizi), Oscar Wylee

Cost: From $20 to $300